Japanese Kitchen Entrees

Includes Soup and Salad


Marinated in a delicately special teriyaki sauce
Served w. White Rice
K1. Tofu Teriyaki 11.95
K2. Chicken Teriyaki 12.95
K3. Salmon Teriyaki 14.95
K4. Shrimp Teriyaki 17.95
K5. Beef Teriyaki 17.95
K6. Scallop Teriyaki 17.95
K7. Seafood Teriyaki
shrimp, scallop, salmon
K8. Filet Mignon Teriyaki
juicy and tender filet wrap in a bacon on top of asparagus


Lightly battered and fried cuisine.
Served w. Soup, Salad and White Rice
K9. Vegetable Tempura 11.95
K10. Chicken and Veg. Tempura 12.95
K11. Shrimp and Veg. Tempura 15.95
K12. Seafood Tempura
Shrimp, scallop, salmon, crab stick & vegetable

Don Buri

Served w. Soup and Salad
K13. Chicken Katsu Don
Fried chicken cutlet, cooked omelet style with eggs and onion
Served over a bed of rice.
K14. Pork Katsu Don
Fried pork cutlet, cooked omelet style with eggs and onion
Served over a bed of rice.


Served w. White Rice, Soup and Salad
K15. Chicken Katsu
Deep fried chicken cutlet
K16. Pork Katsu
Deep fried pork cutlet

Kitchen Special Noodles

Served w. Salad, Your Choice of Cooking (Pan Fried or Hot Pot)
K17. Vegetable Udon 10.95
K18. Chicken Udon 11.95
K19. Beef Udon 12.95
K20. Seafood Udon 13.95
K21. Nabeyaki Udon (Hot Pot Only)
Noodles soup served w. shrimp, fish cake, egg and vegetable, shrimp tempura.

Complete Dinner Bento Box

Each Box Contains Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura, Spicy Tuna or California Roll, Shrimp Shumai or Pork Gyoza w. White Rice
Served w. Miso Soup and Salad
K22. Chicken Teriyaki Box 18.95
K22. Salmon Teriyaki Box 18.95
K22. Beef Teriyaki Box 19.95
K22. Shrimp Teriyaki Box 19.95